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HTT 303
Michael Hunter

 World travel and tourism patterns resulting from the global distribution of travel and tourism – Domestic tourism  70-80 % money spent on tourism is domestic tourism  larger as travel in own country as? Most of trips are shown in distance, cheaper in transportation,  Most of scale of airline made money from business tourism.  World’s most popular leisure travel destination Millions of visitors 2013 1, France 83.0 2. USA 67 3. China 57 4. Spain 57 5. Italy 46.4 6. Turkey 35.7 7.Germany 30.4 8. UK 29.3 9. Russian Fed 25.7 10. Malausia 25 16. Canada 16.3  what trends do you see?  Most popular city destination 1. Bangkok 15.98 2. London 15.96 3. Paris 13.92 4. Singapore 11.75 5. New York 11.52  The most world top leisure Travel and earners In $US Billions 1. USA 94.2 2. Spain 53.2 3. France 48.7 4. Italy 40.2 5. China 39.7  The world’s top pleasure Tourism $ Spenders In US billions 2012 1. China 102 2. Germany 83.8 3. USA 83.7 4. Uk 52.3 5. Russia 38.1 6. France 7. Canada 35.2  Asia is now the leading tourism destination, the only ppl can travel in China are certain business ppl, ex, government.  By the year 2020,China will be the number one source of outbound travel  The Chinese are the nouveaux riches of tourism. They have lots of pent-up travel enthusiasm and their growing middle class will soon have lots of vacation money to spend in destinations that have been, until now, off-limits.  Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the USA, Australia, and HK are investing billions of dollars in hotel and casino development in Macao… and are already reaping tremendous financial reward. Profits generated by his Macao development caused Venetian Sands Incorporated owner, Sheldon Adelson, to leap 12 spaces on the Forbes 400 chart, becoming the third wealthiest individual in the USA in 2006. Forbes estimated that from 2005 to 2007, Adelson earned almost 1 million per hr from his investments. Macao’s casinos and other gaming enterprises reaped collective receipts of $10.74 billion in 2007.  Europe WEsten Europe suddenly 27 to 40 countries “ suddenly 420 million, mostly well-educated citizens of Eastern Europe and the old
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