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Human Resources
MHR 523
Pat Sniderman

Chapter Three – Human Resources Management and Technology Human Resources Management and Technology - Organizations are increasing their investments in HR technology systems - Data collection, storing, systems The Strategic Importance of Technology in HRM - HR technology: any technology that is used to attract, hire, retain, and maintain talent, support workforce administration, and optimize workforce management - Human resource information systems used by various stakeholders and can be accessed by the company intranet - Potential to reduce administrative burden on HR dpmt members - A lot of pressure on HR dpmt to manage costs and deliver effective and efficient services - Three objectives 1. Strategic alignment with business objectives 2. Business intelligence – providing users with relevant data, and 3. Effectiveness and efficiency – changing how HR work is performed by reducing lead times, costs, and service levels The Impact of Technology on the Role of HR - Decreased Transactional Activities o Improved design and delivery of basic HR services o HR professionals develop business knowledge with respect to the key drivers of organizational productivity and become cognizant of costs associated with enhancing efficiencies and effectiveness of the workforce - Increased Client/Customer Focus o Need to understand key business issues and provide relevant and meaningful info to help make better decisions o Managers responsible for creating, maintaining their staffing budgets o IT department partner  HR systems, technology delivery methods, best practices of other org, technology enhancements  Learning opportunities such as trade shows, meetings with software vendors, formal courses in IT, reading material about technological trends and issues - Increased Strategic Activities o Services must relate to implementing strategy, so HR will be “strategically proactive versus reactive” o Managing human capital effectively to positively impact the bottom line is a major focus for executives today Human resources information system (HRIS): integrated system used to gather, store, and analyze info regarding an org’s human resources - Enables professionals to collaborate - Different capabilities and some are complex than others - Data warehouse: a specialized type of database that is optimized for reporting and analysis and is the raw material for manager’s decision support The Relationship between HRM and HRIS - HRIS is the composite of databases, computer applications, hardware, and software necessary to collect, record, store, manage, deliver, manipulate, and present data regarding human resources - “Systems” also refer to people, policies, procedures, and data required to manage HR function - HRIS must allow for the assimilation and integration of HR policies and procedures in addition to operating the computer hardware and software applications Major Components of an HRIS - HR Administration o Employee name, address, phone number and email address, birth date, hire date, sex, salary, emergency contact info, department code, location, employment status, contractor, start dates, position titles, benefit info - Recruitment and Applicant Tracking o Hiring people if it approves the hiring budget o Approving for filling a position if a formalized process o Contains info on position name number, dpmt, if position has been approved etc o It is possible to track key words identifying skills and experience on resumes - Time and Attendance o Employees are entitled to two weeks vacation after completing one year of service o Hire date, leaves of absences paid/unpaid, termination date, other events that interrupted service to calculate vacation - Training and Development/Knowledge Management o Employee’s skills, competencies, training courses and development activities - Pension Administration o Retirement plans  date of plan entry, normal retirement date, employee elections regarding contributions, company contribution each year - Employment Equity Information o Types of industry the organization competes in and geographic region that the organization operates in, can be recorded in the HRIS - Performance Evaluation o Ratings, date of ratings, types of appraisals, comments about appraisal, performance objectives and goals about the performance evaluation process - Compensation and Benefits Administration o Pay increases associated with promotions, data regarding pay grades and ranges for each position, bonus structure, which positions are entitle to bonus, type of benefit plans - Organization Management o Identifies the organizational structure and stores job descriptions fo each position in the structure o National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes - Health and Safety o Worker’s compensation authorities o Number of accidents, types, health and safety complaints and resolutions, workers compensation claims, workers’ compensation forms - Labour Relations o Union membership, seniority lists, grievances, resolutions - Payroll Interface o Subsystem with info: salary, wages, benefits to make it easier to interface with payroll systems in accounting Key Functions of an HRIS - Made up of subsystems and data can be stored, maintained, and generated form the system - Create and Maintain Employee Records o Maintained throughout the period of employment o Includes employment history with the org, such as personal data, job data, salary increases, performance appraisals, etc - Legal Compliance o Ensured org can comply with government regulations by providing data in an accurate and timely manner o Data integrity and accuracy o Employment Equity Computerized Reporting System (EECRS) – software provided by government - Forecasting and Planning HR Requirements o Developing long-range staffing plans and provide valuable info to human resources professionals - Talent Management/Knowledge Management o Data that is entered into the system such as skills, training etc, can be used to help managers provide development opportunities for employees o ^ Will help HR staff to provide more targeted advice and counsel to managers and help HR work more effectively with employees and managers - Strategic Alignment o Info from system can help org align more effectively with their strategic plan - Enhancing Decision Making: Decision Support Systems o Need to extract data from HRIS not only for information purposes but to improve the quality of decisions made by managers and HR professionals o In order to make quality decision the manager might need to confirm each employee’s current salary, history of salary increases, review compensation policies, review performance history o To make informed decision, manager needs info that is relevant, useful, timely and accurate o Ex) basic information reports o Managers utilize the system to perform HR calculations o Metrics: statistical measures of the impact of HRM practices on the performance of an organization’s human capital  can help managers identify opportunities to take action to improve performance and control costs o Use HRIS capabilities to generate relevant and high quality data o HR dpmts utilize precision data analysis to aid managers in effective decision making Selecting and Implementing an HRIS - Companies are different in terms of their ability to afford technology and the value they place on HR information - Simple vs. sophisticated - Key reasons for purchase are generally cost savings, faster processing of info, and access to relevant info that will help the organization to achieve its goals - Types of HRIS Systems o Effective HRIS systems match the technical
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