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MHR741 Class 7

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Human Resources
MHR 741
Genevieve Farrell

Class 7 – October 25, 2012 MHR741 Section 021 – Thursday (10AM-1PM) Supportive Communication (continued)  Strategies are available to help us communicate better; it is an expectation of you as an HR professional  The “You” language: gets people riled up the most; it arouses defensiveness  Focusing on “you” makes it seem like an attack on the other person  The “l” language is less provocative to express concern, complaints, frustration, etc  Must avoid using words that are judgmental and derogatory  The “I” language lets you take ownership of your feelings and your statement  These languages can be learned by everyone, they are skills that can be mastered  It may be awkward, challenging and uncomfortable at first  The “I” language has 3 parts to it: - you must describe what sets you off (the behavior) - take ownership of your statement (the feelings) - the consequences of the behavior (the consequences)  You must think of questions like: what if the situation stays the same? What will it result in?  The “I” language rolls the ball back in the other person’s court - if their behavior does not change, they may not value yo
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