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Information Technology Management
ITM 100
Claude Sam- Foh

Global BPO and ITO trendschanging customer expectationsus fortune 500 companies were the major market for Infosys for BPOs and ITOInfosys had expected developed world economies to increase their outsourcingDuring 20002001 due to the dotcom bust IT industries had experienced a steep downturn in fund creation These events had led a mass outsourcing opportunity by many of the companies primarily to save costs on it operating costSince a lot of companies started to outsource due to the dotcom bust the outsourcing industry started to mature and companies did not see outsourcing just as a cheaper alternative but rather as an enabler of an effective business model to gain value for the companyInfosys saw the opportunity to establish itself as a global brand and achieve market penetration Buyers were no longer emphasizing their decisions on the cost efficient factor but instead were looking at references reputation of the provider Infosys industry expertise and prior relationshipsReferences and reputation had emerged as the most important selection criteria for buyers but providers still ranked cost as their number 1 criterion for evaluating their potential as providersThat was a huge mistake on the providers partProviders did not full
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