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Information Technology Management
ITM 305
Youcef Derbal

System Analysis and Design: Examples of Business Information Systems: - Ramss,, Online Banking Systems: - Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management Systems, Management Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Transaction Processing Systems, Customer Relationship Management System. - Business processes= the core of the information system. System Development Life Cycle: - Planning: Project Initiation o Purpose, value and duration. o System request o Feasibility - Project management o Develop schedule o Budge, staffing resources o Monitoring and control procedures - Implementation: Construct/Build System o Programming o Program testing o Install o Maintenance - Design: Develop a design model o Design architecture, o Class/subsystem design - Analysis: Requirement gathering a specification develop analysis model of the system to be o Business process model o Functional model o Structural model o Behavioural model SDLC Methodologies SEQUENCING: - Structured o Waterfall:  No Requirement Change during Design  Re Work/Cost- Business Environment Changes o Parallel: collection of sub-projects  Faster  Coordination and Integration needed - Rad o Phased  Use
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