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Lecture 2

ITM 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Sharepoint, Chief Security Officer, Accounts Receivable

Information Technology Management
Course Code
ITM 100
Debapriya Sen

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$%& !"
Business processes
The manner in which work is organized, coordinated and focused to produce a valuable
Every business is a collecon of business processes
Informaon Technology enhances business processes
Increases e!ciency of exisng processes
Enables new processes that can transform the business
 %'()!*+$%
Business Process(ordering a burger at McDonalds):
Work*ows of material, informaon, knowledge,
Sets of acvies, steps
May be ed to funconal area or be cross-funconal
Businesses: can be seen as collecon of business process
Business processes may be assets or liabilies

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1. Increasing e!ciency of exisng processes
Automang steps that were manual
2. Enabling enrely new processes that are capable of transforming the businesses
Change *ow of informaon
Replace sequenal steps with parallel steps
Eliminate delays in decision making
!* !"(purpose of these systems is to answer roune quesons about the *ow
of transacons through the organizaon):
Perform and record daily roune transacons necessary to conduct business
e.g. Sales order entry, payroll, shipping
Allow managers to monitor status of operaons and relaons with external environment
Serve operaonal levels
Serve prede3ned, structured goals & decision making

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^Outputs of the payroll system are useful not only within the company to managers, but also to
regulatory agencies and other enes relying on the accuracy of the reported data
Business Intelligence Systems for Decision Support
Business Intelligence: Data and so7ware tools for organizing, analyzing, & providing access
to data to help managers and other enterprise users make more informed decisions.
Management Informaon Systems (MIS)
Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Execuve Support Systems (ESS)
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