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Lecture 1

MHR 523 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Punctuated Equilibrium, Edgar Schein, Morale

Human Resources
Course Code
MHR 523
Rupa Banerjee

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MHR523 W14
Team Project Handbook
January 12th, 2014
Table of Contents
1. Introduction 1
2. Summary of Team Deliverables 1
3. Reading: Fundamental Concepts of Group Behaviour 2
4. Team Project Part 1: Team Contract 9
5. Team Project Part 2: Team Check-In 10
6. Team Project Part 3a: Case Analysis Report 10
7. Team Project Part 3b: Individual Peer Evaluation 11
Appendix A- Peer Evaluation Form

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Appendix B- Sample Instructor Peer Evaluation Summary 13

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One of the objectives of MHR523 is that, by the end of the course, you are able
to describe the key elements of effective teamwork, and that you develop basic
teamwork skills.
We hope you will accomplish these goals by:
Learning fundamental concepts of team behaviour (See Section 3)
Participating in a team building exercise (In Seminar 2)
Developing a team contract (See Section 4)
Analyzing a complex human resources management case as a team.
Teams of 4-5 students will be formed at the first seminar. If a student enrolls in
the class at a later date, he or she is responsible for joining a team no later than
Seminar 3. No student will be permitted to remain in the course if they have not joined a
team by this date.
1. Summary of Team Project Deliverables
Your team will be given a comprehensive human resources management case to
analyse. The case will have questions which you will need to answer critically using
course concepts and theory. You will also be asked to offer alternatives and make
recommendations based on your thorough analysis. See details in Section 6 of this
There are three parts to this team project:
Part 1 Team Contract (5%), due in Seminar 4, signed by all team members
Part 2 Team Process Check-in, due in Seminar 5
Part 3 Comprehensive Case Analysis and Peer Evaluation (25%), due in
Seminar 8
In addition to handing in a hard copy at the seminar (1/Team) , you must also submit
both your Team Contract and your Comprehensive Case Analysis (1/Team) to through the course Blackboard site by the respective due dates.
Note: Late papers will not be accepted except in extenuating circumstances and where
acceptable documentation is provided. If a late paper is accepted, it may be subject to a
5-percentage point penalty for each day the paper is late (such penalty is at the
discretion of the instructor).
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