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Marketing ch1

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Ryerson University
MKT 100
Paul Finlayson

Alex takes his Marketing 100 exam1Chapter OneAlex Chilton the Marketing 100 student sits at his exam desk in the gymHe has arrived early for his exam pencil yes calculator yesHe has had to leave his Jonas Brothers pencil case on the side of the roomNobody seems happy One student comes running in a panic his shirttail out his hair unkemptI thought it was in the other gym he pantsMy friend told me it was the other gymBut Alex checked the exam schedule himself and knew exactly where the exam was being writtenHe came 20 minutes early no sense adding more stress to the pressure of exams You may turn over your examsAlex has not only studied he has prepared for this examHe knows the writer of the exam is a twisted individual muttering on about application questions and contribution marginBut Alex has a planThough he was a C student in high school math and numbers give him cramps he has mastered the metrics portion of the examHe looks at his watch 30 seconds in two hours 50 questions1 minute and 40 seconds per questionHe looks at the questions scanning quicklyThe metrics questions start at question 35He begins to readBilly Scoop has developed a new ice cream machine and has started an ice cream company cleverly named Grease Monkey Ice Cream The machine cost 200000He sells 10000 liters per two weeks they sell for 12liter but he also sells 100 liters a week to Wilfireds Ice Cream Emporium and Tattoo ShoppeWilfred wants a margin of 30 percentThe ice cream costs 180 per liter for cream170 for sugar 100 for flavouring and A cell phone goes off in a backpack on the edge of the gym Someone has sent their ring tone to Mandy Alex ignores the cell phoneFocus He rents the ice cream factory for 5000 5 weeksWhy does the instructor phrase things like that thatthe student next to him is asking the TA what pretentious means She must be on another questionElectricity is 400weekthe salaries are 1000 per week combined and he has to pay Ice Cream Bob per unit of production that means the ice cream making labour costs him 50 per liter lease hold improvements were 50000 capital investment was 200000for the machine and the packaging costs 50 per liter and 1 per box that holds 20 litersHe needs this only when he sells them to Wilfred Watch for little comments like that thrown in he thinks 1
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