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Adrienne Rich

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PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

PHL 606 Class Lectures March 26, 2014 Adrienne Rich: Compulsory heterosexuality + Lesbians Existence  Logic of Normal – deviation / Primary-derivative/ Normal Alternative  Male identification vs. women identification  What is compulsory heterosexual?  What is Lesbian existence?  Heterosexuality is a political institution  Oppression of women is maintained through compulsory heterosexual  The answer? Not eradication of heterosexual, but opening of possibilities Example if you Joe’s (school teacher) daughter; or John younger sister at school  People will have high expectations of you- placed under their standards- your accomplishment expected rather than acknowledged  Your put in a box- loss of individuality- you seen as a derivative of that other person – your seen as number two  Restricted experiences- Rich > Argues that lesbians are not the same of homosexuality difference between gay men- men relationship vs. women- women relations Wrong view> hetero (Norm)> Homo [gay men] (deviation)> lesbians; Rich> says take it all part treat them all as individuals Right view > Hetero/gay/lesbian = what is the character of the women –women relationship- lesbian continuum P. 51-3 lesbian continuum to include a women ranges >not for sex with other women >to find support, solace, self esteem, growth > therefore all women are on the lesbian continuum we have all had relations wi
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