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Ryerson University
PCS 181
Margaret Buckby

The sceintifiic method -observation -hypothesis -experiment - conclusion -reproducibility ..........and is falsifiable................. Unit 1: the electromagnetic spectrum Astronomical information is transmitted by starrlight. Starlight Starlight->tells us-> the star’s temperature, chemical composition, motio, pressure, magenetic fields etc. Peak or Wave length crest Direct of wave motion Wavelength: distance between 2 peaks The EM Spectrum Light: mutually perpendicular oscillating electric and magnetic fields. Light: moves in a wavelike pattern at a speed of c=3x10 m/s (default meaning of lower case ‘c’ is speed of light) Tachyon: particles that moves faster than light (hasn’t been discovered) Cern: neutrenoes research topic Wavelength ‘lambda symbol’: distance between 2 peaks Tachyons: theoretical faster-than-light particles Eleltromagnetic properties Wavlength-> is color 1 nanometer=1nm= m = 1x10 m = 10 m -9 -9 -7 Lamda red= 700nm = 700x 10 m= 7x 10 m ( YOU HAVE TO KNOW THIS) Lamda violet= 400nm = 400x 10 m= 4x 10 m (YOU HAVE TO KNOW THIS) Visible: ROY G BIV Photons: bundles of energy-> lgiths as a particle White light-broken into dofferetn colour- different colour put together =white light Short wave legnth : gamma –xrays-ultraviolet White light VIBGYOR i
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