Why are American Films so Sucessful?

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

Sy GreenbergPOL128Oct11 2011Why are American Films so successful1American films had a head start compared to other countries The impacts of the two world wars the film industries of competitor countries had been destroyed and American film producers took advantage and filled the void 2Money The US film companies have always had tons of money and as a result they could market their product more effectively If you market a film properly it will be popular no matter what Up to 50 of a films budget could be marketing3The US before any other country had a very large and affluent market for film They were the first country with a middle class Due to the middle class they were able to generate film revenue and more could be produced so more could be used to create filmsbig films big stars were affordable The production values were higher then foreign countries4American filmmakers had to appeal to a heterogeneous multicultural population with most not speaking English Films had to be simpleaddress universal themes From the earliest days anyone could differentiate good and evil R
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