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Politics and Public Administration
POL 501
Sylvia O' Sullivan

Exam n the seventh, Rogers building, 107 No short answer, just essay Pick 2/3 essay questions Women and Work: policy and practice implications What can be done? The “market” argument Supply and demand - As more women educated more will be educated - Occupation and wage distribution will become more equitable over time - Changes take time No barriers that require organizational or policy response Determine wages and ensure an efficient economy - They discriminate against women “Personal Choice” Argument - Women choose flexible part-time jobs or positions because they are committed to family - If women want higher paying jobs, they must make the commitment? - No barriers that require organizational or policy responses - Women choose to get married and have children - Personal choices result in low-paid jobs? - But, choice arguments seem to discriminate consistently against women, suggesting that something other than choice is the issue - Also, assume that more women in men’s jbs will solve pay inequities between dominated and male dominated jobs ……..this has not been the case…… - ignores the fact that women have been struggling for decades - fails to address the problem of men doing women’s work and low value attached - unless pay in female dominated jobs is raised few men will do work Feminist responses - Many different kinds of feminists differ on: - - specific causes - vision of ideal social order Merge on: - not internalizing Problem: Non-inclusive work environment - Is organizational culture is “male-centric”? - Gender constructions transferred to the workplace - Possible negative impact on women and men in the workplace - “bonding” and “networking” activities - Sporting and beer or events after work as opposed to doing c
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