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Ryerson University
PSY 308
Holly Bowen

Attention Sensory memory Aspects of attention Signal detection Week 2 psy 308 Signal is what your looking for while noise is everything else Ie Waldo is your signal and all the other objects are the noise Lifeguard, looking for your friends in a crowd Signal = target stimulus 4 possible scenarios Signal Detect a signal. Don't detect a signal Present Hit Miss Absent False alarm Correct rejection What determines your number of hits and false alarms? Sensitivity : how good you are at the task Criterion: how willing you are to detect a signal (may shift depending on costs associated with errors) Life guard more willing to have a false alarm ...liberal?? CJS better to have a miss to let someone guilty out then put someone innocent in prison -conseveratjve??? Vigilance Attending to a field of stimulation over a prolonged period of time while seeking to detect a target stimulus that appears at an unknown time Why do you think performance drops over time? Sensitivity stays constant Criterion becomes more conservative Strong influence of expectations Solutions ? Training Frequent breaks Can we be highly vigilant and still miss something big??? Referred to as change blindness We often miss large changes in our world Occurs even when you are actively searching for a change Due to movie cuts, blink, etc Observers fail to notice changed introduced during a blank screen, a blink, an eye movement, or a motion-picture cut it pan Mechanisms not yet completely understood Practical implications ? Memory Information processing model Sensory memory a couple secs but a large capacity If it catches your attention moved to short term memory Short term memory limitations Magical number is 7 plus or minus 2 for your short term memory This is why phone numbers are 7 digits Time limit 30 sec to a min Which means that info will
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