Service Talent Cycle

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17 May 2011
Service Talent Cycle
Service Excellence & Productivity:
1.Hire the Right People
Be the preferred employer and compete for talent market share
Intensify selection process to hire the right people for the organization and
the given job
2.Enable your People
Build high performance service delivery ideas
oIdeally cross functional, customer centric structure
oDevelop team structures and skills that work
Empower the frontline
Extensive training on:
oOrganizational culture, purpose and strategy
oInterpersonal and technical skills
oProduct/Service knowledge
3.Motivate and Energize your People
Utilize the full range of rewards
oPay, Bonus, Job comfort, Feedback & recognition, goal accomplishment
Employees Perspective Paper
3 HR processes. Choose 1. How does it affect: Retention, Productivity, & Engagement.
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