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Ryerson University
Social Sciences and Humanities
SSH 105
Joseph Zboralski

Simon Huang Lecture 1: SSH 105, Prof Andrew Hunter Critical Thinking (CT) – > evaluating beliefs (Why do I believe this?) - Parents told me - Friends told me - Teacher told me Valuing our beliefs -> based on evidence and the weigh on evidence, (The good and the bad) Critical Thinking - not about where your beliefs come from. - sociology and psychology study why we believe what we believe BUT critical thinking is about which beliefs are worth having. - assume a believe is worth because it’s likely true are identified and evaluated Explanations – Tells you something happened. Example: Derrick stole money, 3 people saw him do it. If you compare an explanation to an argument – Example: Derrick stole the money because he needed to by food. Indicators: Conclusions Indicators
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