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SOC 103 Lecture Notes - Antonio Gramsci, Manufacturing Consent, Mass Communication

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SOC 103
Kelly Train

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Lecture #7 The Social Construction of Ideas and Knowledge
July 18, 2012
1. What is ideology?
- Coherent world views
- Not conflicting views
- It’s a way of explaining how everything in the world operates
- Ideology is incredibly important to explain why the world looks the way it does
- Catholicism was the dominant ideology, but didn’t make any sense when economic
arrangement came in play
2. Liberalism: The dominant ideology of capitalism
- “Conservatives” and “Liberals” and “Democrats” are all based on Liberalism, the only
different is the conservative religious views
- Liberalism sells you to participate in capitalism
- Liberal revolutions are revolutions “from above” – this was the new emerging capital class
- There are 4 major tenants of liberal ideology:
o Equality
This concept is tied entirely with the concept of Meritocracy
The idea that someone born in Rosedale and Regent Park have the same
opportunities life is what you make it
Based on the last point of individualism that your success is based on you,
not the way the system is structured
o Freedom
Not synonymous with rights
They wanted freedom to compete in a free market economy
Wanted the freedom to choose
o Private property
o Competition
Basis of Adam Smith free market
o Individualism
The central of liberal ideology
The individual is always prioritized
3. What is Hegemony?
- Antonio Gramsci was writing from the prisons of Facsict Italy book called “The Prison
- He talked about how liberal ideology permeates every aspect of our society and the way
he explained it is:
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