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Lecture #8 – The Role of the State

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Ryerson University
SOC 103
Kelly Train

Lecture 8The Role of the State July 23 20121 What is the State Social economic activities that are paid for by the people by the taxpayersBusinesses dont pay for them because they dont want to but they rely on these services for the business to surviveWe benefit from these services but businesses benefit from them moreWhen you hear the world State what do you think about o GovernmentPoliticiansAdmin staff bureaucratso Social workers o LCBO o OHIPDoctorsPublic health o Post office o 911firefighters and police but not paramedics o Post office o Judges o Crown only kind of lawyers that are under o Welfare social systems o MTO roads highways TTC not GO o School system most universities o Garbage collection o Public libraries o Public parksrecreation centres o Immigrationcustoms o All regulatory bodiesministry of environmentlabour o Colleges of physiciansnursesengineers o OLGAll of the above are called public sector because the public pays for itThe only one that actually makes money is the LCBOOLGPetro Canada was a Crown body a regulatory body till about 15 years ago when it became privatizedThe movement towards NeoLiberalism means the privatization of these services2 Separation of Private and Public sectors Pretty clear distinction once you take a look at the list above
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