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Ryerson University
SOC 104
Graeme Metcalf

March 14, 2012 the Sociology of Gender Functionalism/Conflict theory -Gender roles and expectations exist- therefore they must serve some societal need. -For example, the nuclear family: dad as breadwinner and mother as homemaker just “makes sense, common sense.” -For the conflict theorist this model may make sense but it assumed the roles of men and women- women and the biological determination of childbirth, for example Functionalism/ Conflict theory -For a conflict theorist, this model also reinforces the stability of patriarchy -What is this? -Define as, rule by men: in this power relationship, which may be supported by broad legal and social institutions, men are the primary beneficiaries Feminisms! -Radical Feminism: The oppression of women is the result of an insistent and existent system of patriarchy -Marxist Feminism: The defining characteristic of inequality is capitalism; in particular, a capitalism that privileges men -Liberal feminism: this school does not posit a system as determinate of inequality Common Ground 1. Women have a particular relationship to the social world that is different from men’s 2. Understanding how the social world functions for women (and for dominant culture) is vital if women are to gain control over their identities and change both social mythologies and social relations Feminism and Culture: -To enter into a critical analysis of the social world (or culture) from a feminist ideology is a complicated task in that it involves a basic concern with the individual and her relation to society Lana Rakow -Offers a coherent 3 point directive for feminist work on popular culture due to the reflective or mirroring nature of popular culture within the social world The Images and Representations Approach: 4 Primary questions: -What kinds of images are present and what do they reveal about women’s position in the social world? -Whose images are they and whom do they serve
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