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SOC 202
Nicole Neverson

Week 10Representation 2 POLYSEMY FISKE 1989Polysemic polysemyHow polysemy might be different from hegemonicOwnership in media companiesFiske doesnt believe political economy can tell us about how people interpret thingsWe all have powerLess emphasis on structurePaul has more emphasis on structure and agencyFlaw to think that none of those things that dont have an impactFiske believes we all have power so those structures shouldnt limit our ability to thinkThey dont matter because media messages are open to multiple readingsPolysemic interpretations are limitless and open and are unpredictablePaul there are only three ways that we can decodeFISKE AND AUDIENCE POWER Audience is all powerfulIt doesnt matter if someone elses interpretation is of the dominant ideologyWe have total power when it comes to interpretation individualMedia doesnt program our thoughts we create our own interpretationTelevision messages and other texts create open and contradictory interpretations Not all television messages are powerfulFiske believes television is an opentextOpentext theres no guarantee how people will interpret not given choice multiple polysemimc being contradictory Closetext given choiceStruggle for power creates polysemyContradictory because polysemy creates a struggle over power more or less tells us what polysemy isMultiple because there isnt just one way to interpret and understandFiske believes theres a struggle over meaning Whose voice is heardSEMIOTIC EXCESSSemioticsRoland Barthes 1973Mythology and Ferdinand de SaussureThe study of signsThe analysis of messages that are visual verbal and nonverbalPart of interpretation processNot fixedConstantly reinterpreting our opinion1
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