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HIST 1253
Charles Baxter

Immigration, Agriculture, and Rural Life 1885-1914 February 11 th Settling the Prairie West o Before the 1890s, the majority of settlers in the region came from other parts of Canada (especially Ontario) - But there were other immigrant groups (e.g.; Mennonites, Icelanders, Jewish people from Russia, Mormons from the US) o Largest influx of immigrant came between 1896 and 1914 - Over 1 million people moved into Western Canada o Some factors influencing immigration (1896-1914) - Improved transport and communication links in the Canadian West - Improvements in the international economy - Technological innovations - Canadian government advertising campaigns  British Isle and US are the two most targeted - Population surplus and declining opportunities in parts of Europe - People escaping ethnic and religious conflicts - “Closing” of the American West after 1890 o The Dominion Lands Act and homesteading - Gave 160 acres of land to immigrants for free (with only a $10 fee) - Have to stay there for 3 years, build a home, and have at least 30 acres for cultivation o Clifford Sifton and “selling” the Canadian West - Federal Minister of the Interior - He was the one behind the idea of “selling” the West (by giving away land) o Creation of the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta in 1905 o Dominance of wheat production - Revenue contributed to almost as high
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