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Biomedical Physio & Kines
BPK 140
Diana Bedoya

Chapter 7 Communication and Sexuality Personal Communication Talking and Listening Nonverbal Communication makes up90 of communication touch eye contact facial expression comes from your own sense of selfesteemForming Relationships Understanding Ourselves our selfperception affects how we relate to others if we lack selfesteem our relationships may suffer Friendship most holy bond of society qualities of a good friend honesty acceptance dependability empathy loyalty Hooking Upsexual activity with a casual partner who may be a friend or stranger Dating helps you learn how to converse with others helps you know more about others and provides an opportunity to share feelings opinions and interests provides an opportunity for exploring sexual identity Romantic attraction just a stage characterized by a high level of emotional arousal reciprocal liking and mutual sexual desire Intimacyopen trust sharing of close confidential thoughtsfeelings Mature loverelationships often start with passionate love and evolve into companionate love
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