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Business Administration
BUS 237
Kamal Masri

20110913 BUS 237 NOTES Chapter one o MIS main components Hardware software data people procedureo MIS is the development and use of information systems that help businesses reach goals o Difference in IT and IS IT is the raw technology and concerns only the hardware software and data components of an information system and how they are networked together o IS is a system of hardware software data and procedures and people that produce informationIS includes PEOPLE Chapter Two o A business process Network of activities resources facilities and informationo Information knowledge derived from dataData is recorded facts or figureso What is Good Information o Accurateo Timely o Relevant o Just barely sufficiento Worth its cost o Decisions Occur at three levels in organizations Operational managerial and strategic Day to day activities TransformationalAllocation and utilization of resources MISConcern broader organizational issues Executiveo Decisions vary by structureRefer to the decisionmaking process o Structured decision Understood and accepted method for making the decision o Unstructured decision there is no agreedupon decisionmaking method Chapter Three o Productivity paradoxWe see computers everywhere except in the productivity statistics o Response to paradox the value that can be derived from IT investment o Increasing efficiency business processes can be accomplished either more quickly or with fewer resources Doing things right o Increasing effectivenessdoing the right thingsoffering new or improved goods or services that the customer valueso A value chain network of activities that improve the effectivenessvalue of a good o Margin difference between what customer pays and the cost the company incurs for the finished goodo Primary activities Value is added directly to the product
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