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COGS 100 Week 12 Lec 1

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Cognitive Science
COGS 100
Radoslava Trnavac

COGS 100 Week 12 Lec 1 Categories •Members of categories share characteristics - family resemblance •Prototype - general concept based on averages, not fixed. Summary of prototypical features •Other approaches: definitional - stricter, decide on what a category entails before placing items in it •Exemplar - personal experience with something defines it? Averages from encounters, learns and adds more peripheral cases later. Does not exclude. •Marginal cases - slower to recognize as part of category •Hierarchy •How do we retrieve information? •Collins and Quillian's semantic network: •As we go through network, we go from specific to less specific, and learn about individual as we go up - principle of cognitive economy •Shared characteristics are represented in higher nodes •Can counter other characteristics with more specific definition •Subordinate concept brings to mind upper concepts, as well as the features •Time we need to retrieve info relates to distance between concepts •Easier to connect closer words •Problems - same time to retrieve canary is a bird as ostrich is a bird - not true, as canary is more prototypical •Cognitive economy - people identify pig as an animal before pig as a mammal •Certain concepts related with shorter lines, certain longer •Connectionism - relates to this Assignment number 3: •Represent a tree with concepts from categorization •Most important: cognitive economy, be sure to respect this rule •Should be like semantic network •Use terminology from categorization for it •Ie, canary = subordinate ? •Use info from these notes as the concepts? Mind reading system •Social understanding and coordination •Is there a specific system assigned to this function? When in children does it start? •Pretend play: self directed (toddler drinks from empty cup, pretends drinking something), other directed(giving objects properties they don't have), Obj substitution (pretends remote is a phone) •Child aware of basic characteristics of objects •In play, remote control stops being remote control, and anchor
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