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Lecture 5

CMNS 110 Fall 2012 - Week 5 Lecture Notes

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CMNS 110
Gary Mc Carron

CMNS 110 Lecture – Week V Marshall McLuhan - Decisive relationship between social and cultural processes and communication media. - One can best understand the social and psychological characteristics of an age by looking closely at its dominant forms of media. - People in the 60’s & 70’s had a belief that McLuhan was predicting the future (Internet). - Douglas Coupland – “as our senses have gone outside us, Big Brother goes inside.” o The world has become a computer. o Externalization. o Prediction of what our world is like now. - Tried not to present his arguments in a linear fashion—McLuhan called his style MOSAIC. o Importance on how the argument is presented. - McLuhan only taught at Catholic institutions. - “The Mechanical Bride” – concerned with the pressures set up around us today by the mechanical agencies of the press, radio, movies, and advertising. o Looking at psychological impacts of media. o “Civil defense against media fallout.” o Media have unseen impacts. o Critic of bureaucracy. o Advertising as an art form. o Applies academic principles to popular art. o Began tradition of studying popular culture. - “The Gutenberg Galaxy” – the truth is revealed in a linear fashion.* - “We shape our tools, and afterwards our tools shape us.” o Ex: we create the automobile, and then our society becomes automotive-based. o Our tools shape our thinking & behaviour. o Recursive influence. o We become slaves to our tools. - McLuhan never talks about content. To him, it is not important. o He thinks the best way to understand a medium is to study the medium itself, not the content produced within the medium. - Doesn’t have theories or concepts, he has probes or percepts. o He looks at things briefly and moves on. o Making conne
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