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Lecture 2

Week 2: Lecture 2 + Tutorial 1

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Jody Baker

Adina Edwards TA; [email protected] Office hours K8660 thurs 11:45-12:20 Use Value Exchange Value  Quantitative  Qualitative  Gold (no use value) + Diamonds (no use  No money exchange necessarily value)  Jewelry and currency  competition  ex: machine weaving  value is arbitrary (not fixed)  changes in social labour = class stratification  Gold + Diamonds: scarcity  Cost of production  Popularity  Emblematic of status, wealth,, idea of royal status  Increases with celebrity endorsements Second Order Signifier:  Socially constructed with no relation to its use value  Meaning we put on objects b/c of exchange value With no social labour- ex: outsourcing labour and selling for much more in developed countries. Profits go back into marketing. Social labour (outsourcing) is hidden from consumers. In order to function in our society, we sacrifice what capitalism hides from us to be culturally relevant. Third order signifiers:  Ex: diamond rings for engagement. 3 months salary. Embedded social construction nothing to do with the ring. Class changes even though it has nothing to do with the ring.  Value is abstract Corporate Social Responsibility:  Removing outsourcing exploitation  Pricetag attached to being ethical  Comparison of two different companies instead of talking about the downsides of capitalism Lecture #2- The commodity form: Karl Marx on commodities Commodity fetishism and advertising  Leads to alienation  Social relations among things and material relations among people o advertising comes from this  Economic foundation for advertising as a cultural practice  Social relations of production b/w people exists in the relations among commodities of different kind and relative value  Every commodity is a fetish object b/c of labour in it  Act of exchange, a social relation b/w indv producers assumes the role…  Magical powers = fetish object  Objectification of social relations is called reification (thingification, when social relations become a thing ex. the economy)  Mystical quality only to do with exchange value  Expre
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