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Simon Fraser University
Computing Science
CMPT 165
Colin Stewart

Writing HTML Basics HTML and some other markup languages is written with tags Tags are used to describe parts of the document either their appearance or their purpose HTML tags always consist of a few letters surrounded by angle brackets Examples h1 a page heading p a paragraph b bold text Tags usually come in pairs They have an opening tag to indicate where something starts and a closing tag to indicate where it ends Closing tags are written with a slashin them eg h1 p b Example of a tag in action Here is some bboldb text The material between the opening and closing tags is called the tags contents bold in this example The h1 tag page heading has a default style of bold 24pt Times New Roman The p tag paragraph is 12pt Times New Roman Other common HTML tags h2 A Level 2 headingbasically a subheading logical markup h3 A subsubheading logical h6 The smallest level of heading logical i Italic text physical markup u Underlined text physical em Emphasized text displayed by default in italics logical html An HTML document head The header which contains information about the page that is not shown directly on the page title The pages title which is typically displayed in the browser title bar body The body which has everything that can be seen directly on the page Almost all HTML tags can be classified as blocklevel or inline The contents of blocklevel tags always appear on the line below the contents of the previous set of tags rather than beside them The contents of inline tags always appear beside the contents of the previous set of tags Inline tags are always put inside blocklevel tags h1 and p are blocklevel while b is inlineWhitespace In computer science the term whitespace refers to any character that you can type on the screen but cant actually see The three whitespace characters are spaces tabs and line breaks also called newlines carriage returns line feeds You can type these characters with the space bar tab key and returnenter key respectively
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