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Lecture 2

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CRIM 103
Barry Cartwright

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Lecture 2Crim 103 May 12Are people born badBasic assumptions of biological theories criminals can be explained by indiv difference basic human drivesalso need to examine interaction with the environmentbiological traits theories the early yrsCesare Lombroso 18351909 father of criminologytheory of the born criminals genetic throwbacksbiological determination physical features that make one look like a criminalOther early theories genetic inheritance Dugale The jukes 1877 Goddard the Kallikak Family 1912Sheldons Somatotypes Ectomorph tall thin body built shy intellectual Endomorph round fat jolly friendly Mesomorph Muscular active and more competitive aggressive Further somatotypes researchGlueckandGlueck 195060 del Mesomorph30 del EndomorphPhysique unrelated to Crim physique linked without doubtModern biological theoriesbiological predispositions and environmentaltriggers not everyone is equalemphasis on biological process brain functions mental processes
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