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Essay on the Oresteia - prep

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Torsten Kehler

English 104 Lecture 3September 192011Miniessay 1 due Wednesday Sept 28On the three plays in the OresteiaNot necessary to cover every detailInitially ones first response is to think that the plot of the Oresteia title of a work should be italicized or underlined will concern the struggles of the House of Atreusspecifically it will involve the clash between Agamemnon and Clytemnestra However this is wrong In fact the Oresteia is about a theme the replacement of revenge by justice In my essay in the essay that follows I will intend to threat this theme by focusing on Thesis statement an essay should always culminate in a thesis statement Tells the reader what the essay is about and focuses the writer on the topic no rambling 1The essay should be two pages doublespaced and handed in to the TA in lecture2This is a formal essay Should have formal structure3It is ok to refer to yourself A couple of mild references to yourself is ok 4FOCUS YOUR WORK ON THE THESIS STATEMENT Helps the reader understand the essay helps the writer organize the material 5Use MLAThe Oresteia shows how Athens came to have a court system as
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