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Lecture 1

HSCI 120 Lecture 1: Chapter 1+19

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Health Sciences
HSCI 120
Lauren Currie

January 5, 2017 HSCI 120 - Lecture Notes Perspectives on Sexuality + Sex Education in Canada Chapter 1: Perspectives on Sexuality - Media plays a large role in shaping our norms and identities; helps us learn norms - Concerns about sexual activity leading to a population explosion and illegal contraceptives meant advertising needed to be delicate - Vibrators were advertised as massaging devices - “Kinsey Reports” → brought openness to advertising in the media with sexy campaigns, led to continued focus around female sexuality in advertising - Exploiting insecurities, showing “ideal” women and products needed to achieve mass produced standards of attractiveness - Greatly improved access to sexual content and activity (i.e. chat sites, message boards, social networking sites, online dating); sexual predators - Some form of sexual content occurs in 70% of TV programs but almost none address issues around safer sex - Only 11% of primetime TV mentions risks or addresses safer sex - Adolescents more likely to engage in sexually risky behaviour - Black males more often objectified in sex scenes; often seen in roles without intimacy and where patterns are dominated or treated violently - The Middle Ages: - Sex for procreation according to church (St. Augustine) - Medical authorities promoted regular intercourse as beneficial for health - By 1843, conception was understood and first officially recognized - Sex as a science: Hirschfeld, Kinsey, Hite, Master and Johnson - Ancient Greeks and Egyptians viewed masturbation as healthy and normal, changed in 1600s - Vibrator was invented so that doctors could increase the number of patients treated → became taboo until the 1960s - Content of sex education in the 1940s was heavily weighted toward transmitting values of heterosexuality, marriage, and childrearing - 1994: “The Canadian Guidelines to Sexual Health Education”
 Religion and Sexuality - Women known as either “Madonnas” or “whores” - Judaism: sexual relations are good, but a source of impurity - Christianity (Catholicism): - Developed within a society that practiced contraception, abortion, and infanticide January 5, 2017 - Present-day Catholic church opposes abortion, contraceptio
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