IAT 202 Lighting Lab

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Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 202
Susan Clements- Vivian

Quartz Halogen vs Incandescent Both operate on same principle - current through tungsten QH encase filament in quartz casing filled with halogen gas. Run hotter, brighter, whiter. More consistent colour/colour temp. Made for photography. Ones he has here today are of this kind. Red heads - get 1 1000 Watt light, 2 600 Watt. These are the smallest they have in actual film trucks and stuff. Great lamp for what we need. Also have smaller kit. Light kits for loan: •Lowel ViP Pro-light: •The little guys •Middle of the row, not industry standard, but good for video •250 W •4 barn doors to control light. Can get hot if plugged in for a while, use gloves. •Flood or spot is a control on the side, on off button in back. •If bulb blows, bring it in if near campus. If not, get bulb when booking lights, replace yourself. DO NOT TOUCH BULB WITH BARE HANDS. Pull out by ceramic, test before putting back together. •Red Head (Ianiro Varibeam): •Also has flood and spot setting, on back •4 barn doors •Can pan or tilt on stand •Harder to change bulb, have to take off doors first •Have the screen on •Ease one end out, pull it out •50 bucks each be careful! •Bulb moves in and out in relation to reflector, that's how it goes between flood and spot •Little ones have glass lenses, but these are open face bulbs Kit stands - light weight, easy to cart around, big enough for these lights Also have bigger ones, used more for fluorescent lights Look pretty similar to music stands in how they unfold/work Put on, spigot through whole, tighten with screw Always start with top risers - awkward to start at the bottom - will have to get up higher to adjust - will look like a rookie! Head cable - plugs in to cable coming out of light, don't yet plug into wall, plug into one of the red cables first (AC cables - 14 gauge is smallest you want to go) Don't plug directly into wall - need a longer cable so you're able to move it easily and not have a taunt wire - recipe for disaster Always tell someone when you're plugging a light in. Never move a light while turned on. Panning and tilting is fine, as is moving up and down, but never pick it up and move it. When on, filament is almost in liquid state, plunking down could, and often does, break it, ruined a bulb! Have excess cable at light, not at wall or in between. Makes it easier to move. White ceiling can work fairly well as a reflector. Gives even light, soft. Bigger the light source, the softer the light. The closer, the softer the light. Red Heads have gel clips on them, can be used for colour correction and diffusing, mainly. The red head by default is different degrees Kelvin than outside, will look uneven - have to correct the colour of our light and make it match! Gels are rated for certain degrees Kelvin. Lose a little light, so it's a trade off (almost a spot of light). Can also put gels on the windows and correct the sunlight. Most gels are orange and blue, those are the big ones that are used. Some gels will give harder shadows, lots of different effects. Experiment! Rock and roll gels - lots of different colours, more used for theatrical things. Can use clothes pins to attach gels to farm doors, although some farm doors will already have the clips on them. Don't bother clipping on bottom. Standing behind light makes this easier. Fold if too big, then clip bottom. Makes it a larger light source. Wrinkles don't affect too much. Keep flat when possible. Black gel used for weakening light, make dimmer without diffusing it. Does not colourize light. Called Neutral Density gel. Can also get Ne
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