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Simon Fraser University
Interactive Arts & Tech
IAT 381
Matt Lockyer

IAT381 Lecture Notes Week 2 Changes in Web Design Everyone has a mouse -touchscreens do not have hover and buttons may be covered up Broadband Internet -efficiency in the amount of space which takes up data 1 pixel = 1 pixel -higher dpi devices Everyone's computer is faster each year -not everyone's device has a fast processor Why we need websites Incentives Functionality-website is clear to navigate Security Content Usability Convenient -saves information for you so you don't have to perform a task twice -ability to search keywords rather than clicking buttons -find information right away Practical -pages load quickly -focuses on solving one main issue Capable -friendly error messages if website cannot fulfill a user's needs Accessible -flexible (no fixed screen size) -translatable (able to work on multiple devices) Coding Practices Pushing css boundaries depends on browser compatibilities Do not use html to define styling i.e. Do not use inline css styling Keep html
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