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Lecture 11

HIST 2110Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: American Exceptionalism, Plymouth Company, Salem Witch Trials

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HIST 2110Y
Jeremy Milloy

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November 27, 2013
USA 1814-1820s
1. Economic
American manufacturing grew during the war of 1812 due to the blockage
American manufacturing started to out pace Europe in textiles
Internal transportation efforts – largely built by state governments and private
2. Territorial
War of 1812 paved the way
People kept moving to the west due to immigration and a high birth rate
Nations population almost doubled to 9.6 million
Americans are still farmer so the demand for land is still high
Federal government encouraged land growth by taking land from native
Midwest settlers faced hard conditions when moving as they had to clear land,
till soil, figure out what will grow on the land – neighbours worked to help
each other out, helping with harvest, making a hard job easier with help
Small family farms developed in the Midwest from the north
In the southwest the prime attraction was growing cotton, growing cotton
meant using slaves, system of slavery starts expanding west
Wealthy people would buy the land small family farms cleared and make
plantations – all about expansion and wealth
3. Political
1816 there was a presidential election
New president was James Munro who was from Virginia
He worked to unit the divides in the nation
Tried to represent different regions and political social groups
He was successful and created harmony, an “era of good feelings”
He was easily re-elected in 1820, things were going well
John Adam was secretary of the state, he wanted to lead a bigger America
when he came into office, he spoke with Spain about Florida
Quincy Adams embraced Jacksons raids on the native American settlements in
Florida, because they showed Spain they could take it by force if they did not
give them Florida
1819 Florida becomes a state in the US
Panic of 1819
The era of good feelings was tested by an economic crisis, prices went up on
food, it was a good time to be a farmers because there was a high demand which
meant high prices
More people wanted to get in on farming so the price of land went up, this is
when easy credit started out, more people were able to buy the land with what
they thought were cheap loans
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