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Lecture 11

HIST 2200Y Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Independent Social Democratic Party Of Germany, Lenin Boys, Hugo Haase

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HIST 2200Y
Antonio Cazorla- Sánchez

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HIST-2200Y December 4, 2013
Fascists, Socialists and Communists
East end of London
Police running
Woman on the ground, looking fearful
Cable street battle
Decline of the popularity of fascism
Every country had a fascism movement
Fascists is an Italian word that means a bunch of things put together
People came together in Malian and became a group of fascists
Many fascists were Jewish
They were originally called revolutionaries
October 1922 the fascists came into power
The time of Mussolini
Italian society was deeply divided of participation in WWI, rapid inflation that
was not matched by increased salaries
War ended in 1919, there were no jobs for the people returning
Red Years, 1919-20 – Wave of mass strikes and reforms of factories
Forced employers to give work to the unemployed
There was never a plan to have a revolution, it was local and spontaneous
Local groups of fascists confront the strikers, they were helped by the police and
rich people, giving the weapons and money to help carry out ideas
Squadristi –a squad of fascists, carried batons to act left wing people
Violent counter revolution
Fascists were becoming more popular with the right wing
Organized a march on Rome, a few thousands of fascists came from northern Italy
to Rome, took control of railways and police stations, king of Italy did not know
what to do
Fascists were illegally occupying government buildings
King put Mussolini into their government
Mussolini became a dictator not through power
Fascism was born when Mussolini came into power in 1922, never had absolute
power because of King Victor Emmanuel III
Hitler was a no body when this was happening, read what was going on in Rome
in papers
Hitler and with right wing people tried to do the Beer Hall Putsch (also known as
the Munich Putsch), which was a failed attempt at revolution
In Germany the war had no ended in November like it did in Italy
Allies blocked food going into Germany, food was only issues after signing the
Treaty of Versailles
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