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Introduction to Psychology - Week one lecture notes.docx

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Trent University
PSYC 1030H
Brenda Smith- Chant

Introduction to Psychology – 1030 Week One - Twitter: @brendasmithchan #psyc1030 Scientific Methodology - Psychology is a science - Use scientific methodology o Research o Lab work, research papers  Stats 2016-2017 requirement  Stats 3015 requirement (honors) Goals in Psychology - Description o Make accurate observations o Attempt to be objective - Explanation o Develop theories or models of behaviour - Prediction o Theories/models lead to accurate predictions - Control o Making behaviour occur/not occur o Goal of therapy Wilhelm Wundt (1832-1920) - Psychology as an independent field o Developed first university course o Advocated scientific methodology - Studied basic processes of sensation, perception o Introspection o Careful observation and measurement Titchner and Structuralism - Scientific methods to study consciousness - Objective introspection o The ‘what’ of mental constructs - Structuralism: structure of the mind/behaviour o Sensations and thoughts as elements o Measurement: example of the ‘just noticeable difference’ William James and Functionalism - Function or purpose of consciousness rather than structure o Inspired by Darwin, evolutionary theory o Structuralism missed the stream of consciousness Behaviourism - Study only observable behaviour o Frustration with studying consciousness o Focus on only the verifiable  Objective observation; study behaviour but not wishes, thoughts, feelings o John Watson pioneer  Conducted the Alfred / Rat study and gave psych a bad reputation B.F. Skinner (1904 – 1990) - Influenced Watson o Extreme view of behaviourism - Did not deny the existence of internal mental states; private events o Should not have ‘special status’
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