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BIOL 2000 Lecture Notes - Dna Replication, Phosphodiester Bond, Nitrogenous Base

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BIOL 2000
Joseph Rasmussen

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Chapter 7-2
Representations of the DNA double Helix
Each nitrogenous base is in the same plane
o Equal planar
Minor and major grooves
o Think of a screw-
Thread is the phosphates
Different sequences of DNA help code for proteins
Chemical structure of DNA
Strand polarity
o 5’ and 3’ ends
Hydrogen bonds between bases
o G-C
o A-T
o Stability
Phosphodiester bond links nucleotides
o 5’ to 3’
Strand has directionality
o 3’ is the end
o 5’ is the beginning
o 3’ and 5’ are opposite each other
Sequence of DNA
o What is the linear order of the nitrogenous bases
Starting at 5’ to 3’
5’ C A G T 3’
3’ G T C A 5’
Do the base pairing rules observed within the double helical structure also
control the process of DNA replication?
o OR
Is replication like photocopying process?
Alternative models for DNA replication
Semi conservative
o Watson and Crick
o One parent
o One new strand
o Photocopy
o Two parentals together
o Two new strands together
Dispersive replication
o Each strand contains 50% new and 50% old
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