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Lecture 11

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University of Alberta
Biology (Biological Sciences)
Lesley Harrington

Lec11 BIOL207 2014-01-29 CHAPTER 5 (cont’d) A. Research with pedigrees a. DeCODE genetics; we have a genetic counselling program here, we can look at co-segregation of traits such as color-blindness, b. Which traits co-segregate? Every part of a person’s family got the haemophilia and the color blind trait; but one kid with color-blindness didn’t have haemophilia  perhaps the haemophilia gene is linked to the color blind gene; c. It’s important to study large pedigrees and preferably individuals with large pedigrees; although they’re linked, they may not be perfectly linked. d. DECODE genetics recognizes that there is a power in pedigress and you can look for a trait/ disease you are interested in with no markers and you can find DNAthat’s associated with that disease; ideally, with mapping you have two individuals who have the disease/ not the disease… and then you can compare co-segregation markers between those people and their various traits involved. i. ii. Cracking the code of Life iii.There are 3 brothers, one is hairy and the other is bald even though they’re super similar. Some brothers are sick some are healthy, we see that a lot of genes are cosegregated. iv. We observe Iceland, it’s the perfect place to look for genes that cause disease ans and it has a tiny population of people who live there, mostly original settlers are Vikings. v. Iceland has a fantastic written history including everyone’s family tree; it’s all in the database  all your ancestors recorded all the way to the original Vikings. vi. Established DECODE technologies and used Icelandic family trees to bring all data available to try and observe disease cause and prevention, good idea for diagnosis vii. First looked for the disease causing arthiritis; her knees hurt really badly when she was 14, by the age of 39, she had enough and went to a doctor; 11/17 children had arthritis in the family viii. DECODE agreed to pay the government 1 million dollars for Icelandic health records; most of Iceland’s doctors were against DECODE’s plans; there was something fundamentally wrong about knowing something about a person’s past, present DNA structure, and they can predict your future. DECODE was unusual because DECODE said that genetic information is useless without the proper relationships, so they needed the medical records  they convinced the Icelandic people to provide unrestricted access to these records; ix. DECODE ended up going broke  2008, DECODE filed for bankr
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