CHEM101 Lecture Notes - Angular Momentum, Black Body, Rydberg Formula

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CHEM101 Full Course Notes
CHEM101 Full Course Notes
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Frequency ( ) cycles/ second (aka hertz = hz) Wavelength ( ) distance from one crest/trough to the next crest/trough (in meters/nm, etc. ) Speed of light (c) 2. 9979e8 m/s ( ) x ( ) = c. Amplitude height of crest/ depth of trough: related to intensity, lower amplitude = dimmer/ higher amp. Refraction change of speed as light wave travels through different mediums. Diffraction waves bending around an object: ex: light wave passing through slits = constructive interference (in phase/bright spot), destructive interference (out of phase/ dark spot) 1900 planck"s constant: proposed that blackbodies could only emit/absorb certain quantities of energy. E = energy v = frequency h = planck"s constant = 6. 626e-34 j/s. Energy gained/lost in packets (quantum: eatom = eemitted/absorbed = nhv. Photoelectric effect not explained by wave model: presence of threshold frequency: minimum frequency needed for a current, absence of a time lag: current flows immediately once minimum threshold frequency met.