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Microbiology (Biological Sciences)
Brian Lanoil

MICRB 265: Lecture Notes (September 6, 2013) Intro and History con’t  Koch has 4 Postulates 1. The ill organism must be kept away from the healthy one 2. Bacteria must be cultivated away from the body of the sick organism 3. Bacteria must then be injected into the healthy organism 4. The organism that has been injected with bacteria should be re- isolated and exhibit the same symptoms as the original. Limitations to Koch’s Postulates  Pathogen must grow in a pure culture o If pathogen requires complex nutrients… it will fail (ex. if a pathogen requires certain nutrients that it can only get from the host, it will die off) o Slow growing organisms will fail (ex. starve to death) o Organisms that do not grow on selected media (ex. agar) will fail Pure Culture Isolation Agar – developed by Fannie (and Walther) Hesse Petri Plate – developed by Richard Petri ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Milestones in Microbiology  Edward Jenner (1798) – small pox vaccine o found out that milk maids infected by cow pox early on did NOT contract small pox… hmmm *light bulb moment*  Ferdinand Cohn (1876) – founded “bacteriology”
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