MICRB 265 (10/16/13) Microbial Nutrition and Growth (con't)

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Microbiology (Biological Sciences)
Brian Lanoil

MICRB 265 (October 16, 2013) Nutrition and Growth (con’t)  It takes E.Coli 40 minutes to replicate its DNA but only 20 minutes to double cell components… why? Multiple rounds of replication.  Cell division: o MinE gets concentrated in the middle of the cell and causes the FTSz ring to form  Ring gets pulled through zipA molecule to start cell division.  Growth zone = more and more peptidoglycan being inserted into the cell wall o Same process for both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. o How do we go about cell wall extension without breaking it and causing the cell to lyse?  Peptidoglycan precursors brought past the cytoplasmic membrane by Bactoprenol  Glycolytic bonds are broken to allow for the insertion of new monomers by autolysin  Transpeptidation occurs and penicillin binding proteins are involved.  The viable count of bacteria after inoculation goes through an initial lag phase before any cell division is seen o Replicating cell components o No= cell density once lag phase is over and exponential growth starts o Time spent in lag phase is not predictable or calculate-able. Reasons for Lag Phase  Age of culture o The older the cu
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