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Lecture 1

MARK442 Lecture 1: Introduction to International Marketing

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Jim Swaffield

Mark 442 Introduction to International Marketing Lesson 1 Lecture Objectives 1. To be able to describe the arguments in support of and against globalization. 2. To be able to define the purpose of the Canadian Export and Import Permits Act. 3. To be able to state the purpose of Canadas export control list, import control list and area control list. 4. To be able to describe the purpose of Canadas Special Economic Measures Act. Notes 1. Globalization is the process of increasing interdependence among countries and their citizens. Economic globalization is the process of increasing economic interdependence among countries and their citizens. 2. Shortterm versus longterm perspectives on globalization. 3. What are 7 longterm benefits (positives) of globalizationinternational trade? 4. What are 2 shortterm negatives of globalizationinternational trade? 5. What is the purpose of Canadas Export and Import Permits Act?
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