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Physical Activity
Joel Edwards

Coaching Basketball – Sept 13 Questions to Consider 1.)What kinds of attitudes, values, beliefs do you have? What guides your own coaching? 2.)What do you believe your role as a coach should be? What kinds of things influence you (age, level, league, skill)? 3.)What kinds of attitudes, values, beliefs guide your relationships with players, parents, administrators, officials? 4.)How do you want to deal with conflict/ideological differences? 5.)Revisit this philosophy from time to time Towards a Coaching Philosophy Coaching Philosophy • A coaching philosophy is the foundation of a coaches style and consists of a mixture of the coach’s personal beliefs, goals, objectives, and standards • Most coaches know in their mind what their philosophies consist of, but ask them to convey this information and they find it difficult to accomplish. • An uneducated coach may respond with “my philosophy is to win!” this coach has no direction. Winning is great, and promotes short term job security, but coaches have a higher calling than just winning contests • The chosen philosophy is a direct reflection of the style the coach employs. Group Think • The roles that coaches must play when thinking with young athletes • The characteristics of a good coach • Common problems for coaches Coaching is Life? • Identify beliefs and principles that you would consider including in your philosophy of life • Identify beliefs and principles for a coaching philosophy
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