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Physical Education and Sport
John Dunn

Sept 5 – Intro to Measurement and Evaluation Why Do We Need Data? • Data (info, measurements or observations) are required to make an “informed decision” • Variable: a variable refers to the “phenomenon” or “attribute” or “thing of interest” that we are measuring • a variable is a characteristic or condition that changes or has different values for different individuals • in non experimental environments, we don't manipulate the variable • as researchers, we need to find ways to acquire data to make accurate decisions (ex. Skiers wanna know what the temperature and wax their skis accordingly) Gathering Info/Data • Obviously, some tests are better than others! • A test is the procedure or protocol that we employ to get the data which will enable us to make informed decisions • Different tests provide us with different qualities of data • We have to determine which test is the best for acquiring the data we need • We want to obtain data that truly represent the construct of interest, Ex. We need data that allows us to make Valid Inferences • We shouldn’t talk about the validity of tests; talk about the validity of inferences we make from test scores • Validity is a fancy word for the word truthful The Nature of Measurement And Evaluation • Measurement: The act of assessing • Measurement is complete when a score (ex. Number) is assigned to the object/event (ex. Variable) being assessed • Measurement is the act of assessing and assigning a numerical value to a variable • Quantitative Data: data that is based on numbers • Qualitative Data: measurement applies/relates to the properties of the objects (ex. Variables that are under investigation, rather than to the objects themselves) (ex. Interviews) To measure an “attribute/variable/construct” we need a test or measuring
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