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Dec 3 – Correlation In correlation we ask if there is a relationship between x and y Each individual or object must have measurements relating to 2 variables (ex. Confidence and anxiety scores in a person to assess correlation) If you can create a scatterplot, we can see a correlation in data and a good chance we are doing a correlation question in the exam Characteristics of a Correlation Direction of a Relationship • Positive correlation – as one score goes up on x, the score on y goes up • Negative correlation – as x goes up, y goes down. • Positive and negative relates to the direction of the linear relationship Form/Shape of Relationship • Correlations only work in linear relationships Degree/strength of the relationship • Correlation measures test the degree to which the data fit the model • The greater the devialtion from the straight line, the weaker the correlation • If you get a numerical value for a correlational coefficient that is greater than 1 or less than -1, you have made a mistake! • As correlation goes closer to 1, correlation gets stronger • As correlation goes closer to -1, correlation gets weaker Where and Why do we use correlations • We can predict someones running time based on their VO2 max level • Validity: attempt to demonstrate the v
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