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Neuromuscular System Part 2

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Physical Education and Sport
Dan Syrotuik

Oct 11 Neuromuscular Part 2 Can Muscle Motor Units and Fiber Types be Converted y Although MUs cannot completely convert ex S to FF or vice versa some shifting of the contractile properties and metabolic profile can occur with training y Muscle fiber types can modify their expression of MHC such that a FT can coexpress both fast and slow MHC or 2A and B and therefore become more fatigue resistant y This coexpression can occur with extensive training ex FT fibers become more oxidative and fatigue resistant with aerobic training Effect of disuse on Muscle y Muscle atrophies reduced CSA y Muscle fiber type profile shifts from to y Muscle oxidative capacity is reduced What Happens to Muscle As We Agey Decrease in muscle fiber size especially FT y MN necrosis cell death leading to muscle fiber necrosis especially FT y Loss of overall muscle mass sarcopenia ex 50 by age 80 y Increase in muscle connective tissue and fat content y Increased grouping of fiber types Why Due to reduced number of motor units y Decrease in overall metabolic activity How Does Muscle Increase In Size What is Hypertrophy y Increase in size What is Hyperplasia y Increase in number of muscle fibers and muscle cellsy Cat and rat research has shown an increase in both size and number of fibers with extreme weight training y Human muscle research has show a definite increase in size but little research supports hyperplasia of muscle in humans with training
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