PEDS203 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Motor Learning, Motor Control

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September 12th Motor performance and learning continued
What is motor performance?
The observable attempt of an individual to produce a voluntary actions
o Motor control
What influences motor performance?
Possibly influenced by transient factors
What are the 4 transient factors that can affect motor performance?
1. Motivation
2. Arousal
3. Fatigue
4. Physical conditions
What is motor learning?
A relatively permanent change in behavior as a function of practice or
What causes motor learning?
There are changes in the internal process of the body
o You can not directly see the neural network being formed
o Affect the capability for producing motor skills
How do we know if someone has experienced motor learning?
Inferred form observation
o Stable levels of performance
o Stages of learning
What are the 3 stages of learning?
1. Cognitive (trial and error)
a. Thinking the way through the skill
b. Complete focus on achieving the skill
2. Associative (homing in)
a. Linking relevant components
b. Something discernable emerges
c. More consistent
d. Individuals can begin to detect their own errors
3. Autonomous (easy)
a. Automatically achieve the skill
How do we recognize the stages?
Performance characteristics usually match learning levels. I.e. Consistency
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