PEDS203 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Mental Chronometry, Motor System

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September 21st Chapter 2: Processing information and making decisions
Review from previous class
Matching A
Force control - 1
Static strength - 3
Reaction time - 2
Balance - 3
Motor timing 1
Rate control -2
Stamina - 3
Aiming - 2
Matching B
1. GCF
2. Perceptual motor
3. Physical proficiency
Chapter 2
What are the 3 most basic steps to information processing?
1. Stimulus identification
a. Perception
b. Detection and identification
c. Requires consciousness
2. Response selection
a. Decision on the response if any
b. Sensory motor transition
c. Slows people down
3. Movement programming
a. Action
b. Organized motor system to produce desired movement
All of these stages are known as covert processes ie. We don’t see them
o Measured by the time between input and output
What are some sources of input?
o Both internal and external environment
Various energy forms are captured by specialized receptors
Relevant info must be selected from these receptors
What is an overt motor response?
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find more resources at
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