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Physical Education and Sport
Jody Virr

Nov 20 – Knowledge Chapter 14 Excellent athletes have vast knowledge in their sport. This knowledge comes from experience. Knowledge is an individual functional constraint and it interacts with task constraints. Knowledge is specific to the topic we are dealing with. Types of Knowledge Declarative • Something that is expressed in declarative sentences. This is knowing factual information. It sums up theory (ex. In theory..), rules of the theory, the fact that j is the 10 letter in the alphabet. Another example is driving theory. You may know how the car works, but you don't know how to drive. Declarative knowledge is how to do something and how best to do something. Knowing factual info Procedural knowledge – knowing how to do something in accordance with specific rules Strategic knowledge – knowing general rules or strategies that apply to many topics • These are general rules and strategies that you can apply across situations • If we can manipulate space and time, we can control and be successful on offense and defence. Level of knowledge in each area will depend on how much they know about a topic. The more k
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