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Physical Education and Sport
Brad Kern

Jan 9 – Essentials of Athletic Injury Management Chap 1 Chap 1: Fitness Professionals, Coaches, and the Sports Medicine Team: Defining Roles • There is a growing demand for well educated professionally trained personnel to supervise and oversee recreational sport and physical activity • These include: coaches, fitness professionals, recreation specialists, athletic administrators • Others interested in various aspects of exercise and sports science • Coaches should have an understanding of injury management Injury Is a Part of Athletics • Athletes have a right to expect that those that are overseeing them, view their health and safety as a priority • Its Critical to have individuals that are aware of both treatment and prevention • As a member of the sports medicine team, we should be concerned about the athletes health and well being • If you are a coach that doesn’t have an equipment manager or athletic therapist, those roles fall onto the coach • Well-trained professionals aren’t always healthcare professionals and may be in violation if they attempt to provide treatment and care • Being a coach doesn’t mean you cant diagnose or rehab an injury • When dealing with injured athletes, as a coach you can provide taping support, bracing, referral to a doctor. • As a coach you should put the injured athletes dislocated body part in a sling before sending them to a doctor What is Sports Medicine? • Sports medicine refers to a broad field of healthcare related to physical activity and sport • Defined by American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) as multidisciplinary approach to health management or achievement of full potential • Clinical application in these areas is aimed at improving and maintaining functional capacities for physical labour, exercise and sports • Sports medicines generally focuses on areas of performance enhancement, injury care, prevention and management • It involves biomechanics and sport psych.. involves all aspects of sports • The main goal of sports medicine is to prevent and treat any diseases or injuries sustained by athletes Areas Of Specialization that focus primarily on Performance Enhancement • Exercise physiology • Biomechanics – design of equipment is studied. • Sports psychology – THERE to motivate athletes who are injured and let them know things will get better • Sports nutrition – there to tell athletes what is the right stuff to eat. • Strength and conditioning – there to strength train athletes. • Personal fitness training – same as strength and conditioning. However, personal training is generally geared to the general population, not just to athletes • Coaching • Physical education Some are concerned with both performance and injury management Areas of Specialization that focus on healthcare and injury/illness management • Practice of medicine (physicians and physician assistants) – generally at games. They have the final say when athletes can return from injury. • Athletic training • Sports physical therapy – geared towards rehab of injury. • Massage therapy • Dentistry - used for creating molds for mouth guards. Also used for repairing lost teeth in athletes • Osteopathic medicine • Sport podiatry – has to do with making insoles • Orthotist/ prosthetis
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