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Physical Education and Sport
John Dunn

Nov 2 – Perfectionism Frost – created 6 subscales. Some of these are inter-personal subscales (some of the items we look at deals with how others evaluate people) some are intra personal subscales (what you expect of yourself) Hewitt created a Multidimensional Perfectionism scale Hewitt and Flett and Frost all came from clinical psychology Dunn created a sport multidimensional perfectionism scale in 2002. All of these subscales all come back to the same things and are based on this intra and interpersonal dimensions of perfection Intra-personal Dimensions • The core dimension in Frost’s work is Personal Standards • Personal standards is the tendency to set extremely high standards of personal performance. • Self-Oriented Perfectionism: the tendency to set extremely high standards or personal performance with a strong motivation to attain perfection • If you aren’t striving for high performance standards, you cant call yourself a perfectionist • Organization: the preference for order and organization. Those who are highly structured and have a high level of intra personal standards. • Doubts about Actions: the tendency to feel that tasks are never quite completed to satisfactory levels (uncertainty and dissatisfaction). Even after preparing a lot, someone will doubt that they could have done better. They always feel that they could have done better. Inter-personal Dimensions • All psychologists agree that the interaction in a household influences to what extent you become a perfectionist • Parental expectations (frost): a person’s tendency to perceive that his/her parents set extremely high standards for her/him to achieve. • Parental Criticism (frost): a persons tendency to perceive that his/her parents are overly critical In evaluating her/his performances •
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