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Dr. Fairen - Religious Studies Theories and Methods 7

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University of Alberta
Religious Studies
Glen Fairen

RELIGIOUS STUDIES 200 Tylor really emphasized that all religions were wrong, magic bleeds into religion, which eventually becomes schience, but only science is correct. TYLOR - animism to religion to science FRAZER - magic to religion to science JAMES G. FRAZER Probably more well known, but took so much from Tylor. His model for magic still has a lot of traction today. Magic is a primitive science. Its logic centers on observed associations. He called these "SYMPATHIES" he comes up with the "LAWS OF SYMPATHIES" for all of magic, which is sympathetic magic LAWS OF SYMPATHY 1. LAW OF SIMILARITY HOMEOPATHIC or IMITATIVE MAGIC - if two things look or act alike, you can provoke something to happen 2. LAW OF CONTAGION CONTAGIOUS MAGIC - based on the assumption that things that were once connected continue to have an influence on each other once the connection is severed. he, like tylor, still has describes a progression from magic to religion. religion is a much more coherent system for both of them. it is a more evolved form of magic, but not as evolved as science. Separations between magic and religion are not clear cu
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